'The Homeowner Wouldn't Sign A Waiver?!'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/31/2014

When Tom comes back to the job at the Floyd's house, it becomes apparent that perhaps Adam & Skip should have tried to "Catch A Homeowner." Regardless of who is at fault, they get back to work to finish the job.

- Look at this.- Oh, boy.

- He showed up.

- I came here today becauseI wanted to show

there are contractorsthat are good.

Now I can show my sideand what I did.

- Here's the sceneof the crime.

Let's start the autopsy.- Sure. Let's start.

- So there was all kindsof issues up here.

Their side of the storyis that you were the one

that had covered up apreviously operable drain.

- There was no previous drain.

The original contractorthat put up that thing,

I guess, designed itto sheet flow it off.

I explained itto the homeownermultitudes of times.

That they needed toput a dam, hot mop it,

and put a drain there.

- That right there is completely180 degrees of what they said.

- Where's the drain?

- There was a drain,and then Tom decided to,

uh, cover the drain.

- In the plans,there is no shower here.

- Can we see that?- Right here.

- The shower's supposedto be there.

- Yeah.

Skip, draw a showerin there real quick

so we can be right aboutone damn thing

in this stupid argument,would ya?

( laughs )

- Now what aboutthe plastic?

- That was me that put it up ayear and a half ago

strictly for constructionpurposes only.

And after that, we weregonna start stuccoing.

'Cause the stuccogoes on first.

And the reasonwhy it wasn't done,

because I wanted to havethis waiver signed that said

that we're not liable

if there's gonna behairline cracks.

Unfortunately, that's whathappens with stucco.

It cracks.

- Whether it's caused byyour house settling,

a change in temperature,or even a truck passing by,

superficial cracksare common when using stucco

as an exterior coating.

- It's just a waiver.

And if you lookat it carefully,it protects

the homeowneragainst deficiencies

that I have to come backand correct.

- All right.

- I've seen dozensof 'em myself,

and you need the waiver forboth of your protection.

They only saw it asa one-sided thing.

- Absolutely.

- You know,I'm really disappointed.

I mean, I'm pretty sure thefamily is in the wrong here.

But regardless, this job'sgotta get done

and the house has gotta beleft safe for their son Jarvis.

And that's exactlywhat we're gonna do.

- I know. This is a lot likemy ex-husband was a kook.

- Right.

- And then you get married,and then you find out

who the real kook was.- Right.

- But they still needa roof over their head.

- Right.- Would you come down with us?

- Strap on the bags and--- Absolutely.

- --help put this placeback together?

- You betcha.I would love to.

- All right.Let's do it.