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King of the Hill - The Complete Fifth Season - It's Not Easy Being Green

Posted on: January 6, 2006 | Views: 458 | Comment

When they were young, Hank and his homeys stole a neighbor's classic Mustang to go for a joyride. The Stang wound up at the bottom of a quarry and the neighbor never found out what had happened to the car. Now, years later, the quarry's being drained and there is evidence in the car that will reveal who stole it.

Hank Hill is an old fashioned, hardworking, beer drinking man who is trying to live in a modern Texas world. His wife is opinionated, his son is a disappointment, his friends are losers, and his Father is oppressive. But through it all, Hank keeps a level head, a strong sense of morality, and by doing so keeps himself "King of the Hill." 

animation • rock quarry • cartoon • comedy • family • msutang • southerners • south • Beer • Texas