'If You Drop Your Pants, You Go To Jail'

Officers Nelson and Deas arrest a woman who allegedly poured beer on an unsuspecting cameraman’s equipment; Officer Benoit arrests a male tourist who allegedly exposed himself in public.

>> ROSE: A lot of the things

we look for out here.

We have a lot of street

hustlers, pickpockets... and

these crowds build before these

balconies, and not only do you

have the lewd conduct

violations, but you also have

the pickpockets.

They have a field day because it

real easy to bump up against

people and get on 'em.

Myself and my partner, we out

here every night working on

Bourbon Street, so it's

something we deal with all the


It's just Mardi Gras is just a

bigger issue because there's

more people.

We got to get her down, bud.

Come here.

Come here.

Get down.

Get down.

Let me see your identification

right now.

>> I don't have any on me.

>> ROSE: How old are you?

>> 21.

>> ROSE: Why don't you have your

ID on you?

>> It's at my hotel room.

>> ROSE: Where you all from?

>> Arkansas.

>> ROSE: Arkansas?

Okay, what makes you think you

can do that?

>> It's just for fun.

>> ROSE: Just for fun you

exposing yourself to the crowd?

People reaching up grabbing you.

Grabbing on you.

You realize that, right?

>> Yes.

>> ROSE: What do you think your

mom would say about that if she

saw you?

>> She wouldn't care.

>> ROSE: She wouldn't care?

>> No.

I've haven't been with my family

since I was like 14.

This is my first time down here.

I live up in the hills, and

there's like 400 people in our


>> ROSE: All right.

I saw you up the street doing it

earlier about the 400 block of

Bourbon Street, and now you're

doing the same thing.

It's one thing to do a little

quick one or something like

that, you probably get away with

that, but what you're doing is

just out of line.

>> Okay.

>> ROSE: I promise you, if I see

you on the street again tonight

doing that, I will take you to


>> Okay.

>> ROSE: I promise you.

>> Okay.

( crowd booing )


the first week you get tired.


>> DEAS: Sleep deprivation plays

heavily into it.

>> NELSON: It's fun to get out

here and see all the sights, but

by the beginning of the second

week, you've pretty much seen it


( techno-pop playing )

>> NELSON: Police. Police.

Turn around.

What's the matter with you?

Turn around.

>> I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to run into you


I'm sorry.

>> NELSON: Well, thanks for


>> DEAS: That was like hand-


>> NELSON: I know.

What happened?

>> He just walks up...

We're shooting video...

dumps beer.

Just takes and junks a $6,000


>> NELSON: You have your ID with


>> Yes, sir.

>> NELSON: We had a gentleman

about a quarter of a block down

that was, uh, doing some


And this female decided that it

would be amusing if she walked

up behind him and dumped a beer

on his camera.

He then chased her into the arms

of for task force officers

standing here on the corner.

She's going to jail tonight.

>> It was like a big joke, you

know what I mean?

That's what aggravated me, man.

Just walks up to me, man.

Me and a couple guys were down


See, it screwed the camera up,


I've got the warning light

coming on now.

She just walks up to me with a

beer while we're shooting, just

goes, psst, psst, psst, and then

throws the bottle at me and


>> NELSON: What would possess

you to pour a beer on somebody's

$3,500 camera?

>> I'm telling you, I'm telling

you I was just mad because these

girls that I was out with who

were from like...

I live at this hostel.

So I'm always here when these

girls come in from other

countries, and they come down

here and get drunk and run

around and all these guys are

like making them have their

shirts up.


far as like people showing their

boobs, we want you to have fun,

but we've got to warn them.

You drop your pants, I'm sorry,

you go to jail.

If he drops his pants, he goes

to jail.

>> Mardi Gras, baby.

>> BENOIT: All right, he's going

to jail.

>> I didn't know it was illegal.

I didn't know it was illegal.

>> BENOIT: Where you from?

>> Pittsburgh.

>> BENOIT: You do that in


>> I didn't... I didn't know.

>> BENOIT: Do you do that in


Yes or no?

>> No.

>> BENOIT: Why would you think

you could do it down here in New


>> I just thought...

>> BENOIT: 'Cause you think you

can get away with anything,


>> No.

>> BENOIT: Wrong.

You do that in Pittsburgh in

front of God and creation? No.

What makes you think you can do

it out here?

>> They wouldn't show their

boobs in Pittsburgh either.

So your argument's wrong.

>> BENOIT: Oh, yeah?

>> Your argument is wrong.

>> BENOIT: Well, you know what?

We are very lenient.

Because, you know what?

In Pittsburgh you have public

intoxication law too.

So do we here.

But we let you come out here in

the middle of the street and

drink, because you know what,

we're lenient.

But we're lenient to a certain


You want to go out and show your

penis or your privates, you go

to jail.

Simple as that.

End of story.

>> I don't want...

>> BENOIT: End of story.

>> Thank you.

I'm trying to be cooperative,

really I am.

I know I'm asking questions...

>> BENOIT: Let me tell you

another thing, okay?

You cannot run amok on my


Simple as that.

>> Yeah, I...

>> BENOIT: You think that you

can do anything when you come

down to Bourbon Street?

>> I don't think that.

>> Well, then what in God or

creation would make you think

you could do that?

Because you're in New Orleans

and anything goes.

>> No, no, no.


>> BENOIT: You saw somebody else

do it?

>> You see boobies everywhere.

I didn't know where the line


>> BENOIT: Well, if you want to

show your breasts, you can go

out and show your breasts, too.

>> I can show them right now?

>> BENOIT: No, not right now.

>> I'm just teasing you.

I'm just teasing you.

>> BENOIT: If woman show

their... if they drop their

pants, if any woman or male drop

their pants they go to jail.

>> I didn't know that.

>> BENOIT: Simple as that.

>> Now I know.

>> BENOIT: Okay, now you know

the hard way.

>> Next year I won't do it.

I learned the hard way.

>> BENOIT: You learned the hard


>> I learned the hard way.