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Posted on: April 14, 2005 | Views: 384 | Comment

Five converging groups of travelers, one sweltering traffic jam, ninety minutes that will change their lives forever. This short is one of five interconnected stories that take place in the feature length script JAM.

In this story, ROSE (Mariah O'Brien, Being John Malkovich, Lovely & Amazing) is thrown into early labor by a traffic accident, as her girlfriend, LILAC, (Jenya Lano, S.W.A.T.) guides her to a place to lie down.

They arrive at an RV occupied by three dimwitted criminals who have stolen a safe. Wanting to be left alone, RALPH, (Mark Boone, Jr., Memento, Armageddon), CURT (Christopher Amitrano, Brooklyn Bound) and JERRY (Billy Asher, Henry X) refuse the women entry. As Lilac mounts an assault upon the RV, the men grow fearful of being discovered and open the door.

Inside, Lilac nurses Rose while trading barbs with Curt and Ralph, as Jerry becomes increasingly excited about the baby. Lilac soon discovers the trio's misdeeds, and the men are forced to assist with the birth. These unlikely companions find themselves in a humorous debate over fatherhood and the realities of delivering a baby in a sweltering RV.

This is one of five interconnected stories that take place in the feature length script.

For more information about the feature film version, go to:www.thanksgivingfilms.com. 

pregnant • criminal • birth • traffic accident • RV