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SPIKE Specials: Frank Shamrock: Bound By Blood

Posted on: October 7, 2013 | Views: 6,346 | Comment

Legendary mixed martial artist Frank Shamrock goes on a journey to put his troubled past behind him. Along the way, he seeks to bury the hatchet with his estranged brother, Ken Shamrock. Don't miss "Frank Shamrock: Bound by Blood", October 10, 11/10c on Spike. 

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SPIKE Specials Videos

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Ink Shrinks: Joey Makes A Run For It (0:43)

Joey, the fearful needle phobe, calls it quits and dashes out of the tattoo shop with a concerned Dr. Gabe on his tail, trying desperately to calm him down.

Posted December 16, 2014 Views: 5,272

Ink Shrinks: There's More To Keya Than Meets The Eye (1:24)

Before getting inked, Keya tells Dr. Helene in therapy that she’s distrustful because of bad past relationships. We find out there’s a lot more to her story as the real truth is uncovered.

Posted December 16, 2014 Views: 3,056

Ink Shrinks: Meet The Needle Phobe (1:01)

How do you employ tattoo therapy when someone is deadly afraid of needles in the first place? Joey’s courage is tested when he sits in the chair and starts to get inked.

Posted December 16, 2014 Views: 3,506

Let The Countdown Begin (2:06)

Strap in for a wild ride as Gabriel Iglesias reveals the most hysterical commercials of the year. The countdown begins December 18 at 10pm on Spike.

Posted December 15, 2014 Views: 2,831

CareerBuilder - Monkeys (0:31)

Nobody wants to do monkey business for a living. From the Funniest Commercials of 2012 collection.

Posted December 9, 2014 Views: 4,918

Old Spice - Meeting (0:41)

Winning girls over is effortless with Old Spice hair gel. One of the Funniest Commercials of the Year 2014.

Posted December 8, 2014 Views: 1,308

Doritos - Sling Baby (0:30)

A grandma and a baby work together to get the Doritos they desire. From the Funniest Commercials of 2012 collection.

Posted December 8, 2014 Views: 2,180

Vigorsol Chewing Gum - The Legend (0:40)

An unexpected hero puts out a forest fire with the help of Vigorsol. From the Funniest Commercials of 2007 collection.

Posted December 8, 2014 Views: 1,797

Drench - Goldfish (1:06)

An amazing goldfish pushes it to the limit with the help of Drench water. From the Funniest Commercials of 2010 collection.

Posted December 8, 2014 Views: 1,297

Cravendale - Cats With Thumbs (0:41)

It's only a matter of time until cats have opposable thumbs. From the Funniest Commercials of 2012 collection.

Posted December 8, 2014 Views: 2,404