The Most Disgusting Bar Jon Taffer Has Ever Seen

Fairways Golf and Grill in Murfreesboro, TN, is home to a kitchen so vile that it shocks Jon Taffer and his staff of experts. To top it off, they find something in the freezer that may be a huge hazard to bar patrons.

but I finally arrivedat the number one baron my list

of the grossest, raunchiest, grimiest,

most disgusting barsI've ever rescued.

- What is that?!Is that body matter?!- Oh, my God!

Jon: Is that DNA?

The last bar on my countdownhad a chef, Kevin,

who claimed he went to culinary school

- Where'd you learnhow to cook?- Culinary Academy.

Brian: You're full of --.

- What do we do with this?- Richard, that touches food!

Jon: Fairways Golf and Grill in Murfreesboro, Tennessee,

is the number one most disgusting bar

I have ever rescued.

Everythingis in a frosted mug.

And the over pourhold is --.

Right when it hitthe bottom of my stomachI knew something was wrong.

My stomach started curdling |- ( belches )

The keg had to have beensitting there for at leasta year.

( wretching,spitting )

Phil is in the bathroomthrowing up right now.

- Off beer?- Jon Yes!

Off beer,for Christ's sake!

- Jon This is your kitchen |- Kevin Yep.

So, you're responsibleto clean it every day?

- Kevin: Sure.- Brian Can you do me a favor?

Where's the salsa that you served me on the outside?

I want you to tastethat salsa for me.

- What do youthink about that?- It tastes like --.

It's bubbling becausethe bacteria has grown

so far that it's-- bubbling, dude.

When's the last timeyou physically went inand scrubbed out a fryer?

- Last night.- And this is all the goodnessI'm pullin' out of the bottom.

So, these areour clean fryers thatwere cleaned out last night.

Just so everybody knows.

Look at this.

Is there any moldon the inside of this walk-in?

- I don't think so, no.- Brian You don't think so?

Jon: Look at the mold all over the floor!

- On the -- light.- Oh!

- This isn't healthy for you.- Get out of here!Get out of here!

What's this walk-in?Oh, -- me!

- Brian No -- way |- This is a fort in here.

Dude, you have -- mushroomsgrowing in the walk-in!

- Look at this!- Brian Oh, my God.

Get the -- out of here!Get the -- out of here!

This is unbelievable!

Chef Steve, let's leave!I'm out of here!

This place is dangerous,for Christ's sake!



this frickin' food!

Fairways was so filthy

it took a professionalmold removal team

a whole 24 hoursto get the bar suitable

for service again.And that mushroom?

I have never seen anythinglike that before in my life.

Look, I know that bar ownership can be a dirty business,

but when ownersslack on sanitation,

they riskgetting people sick.

And nothingmakes me angrier

than when a lazy operatorputs customers in danger.