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2Fast2Real for Hollywood - Trailer

Posted on: July 13, 2005 | Views: 117 | Comment

From birds-eye perspectives of Suzuki motorcycles traveling at 205 mph to souped up classic cars ready to race, this DVD packs more adrenaline then a keg of Red Bull!

WARNING: This clip contains scenes that entail the reckless endangerment of the lives of people other than the driver. Ifilm neither condones nor encourages this sort of illegal behavior.

A 1969 powder-blue Chevy Nova and '68 Camaro line up beside each other at a red stoplight in the center of Times Square. It's 7 a.m. and the cops have left the scene to change shifts. There's a 10-minute time gap, being monitored by men on walkie-talkies surrounding the perimeter. The driver of the Nova, a heavyset man known as Phat Ratt, revs his engine, and smoke billows out the exhaust, creating a cloud so thick it looks like a bomb went off. The light turns green, and the screeching of tires makes nails against a chalkboard seem like paintbrushes gliding across a canvas. The road behind them is left looking like vertical strips of asphalt were violently torn out, as the rubber burns and the charcoal smell saturates the morning sky.

The scene in Times Square is the dramatic opening for the film, which otherwise takes place primarily on the rural back streets of Suffolk County (and occasionally its highways). From birds-eye perspectives of Suzuki motorcycles traveling at 205 miles per hour to classic cars souped-up to tear across the turf in excess of 150 mph, it is a professionally shot, heart-stopping tour of the amateur, and often illegal, speedways thousands of Long Island gearheads have claimed as their second homes.

Visit liextreme.com for more info and to buy the DVD. 

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