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Jail: Las Vegas
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Roujin Z - Trailer

Posted on: March 27, 2006 | Views: 81 | Comment

In this imaginative animated film from the creator of Akira, a caring young nurse and a group of elderly computer hackers go up against a government that's turned its back on its senior citizens. In the 21st century, the unfeeling bureaucrats who run the United States' health service system have come up with a new way to save money. Their scientists have created the Z-001, a computerized bed they claim will provide a solution to the problem of home care for older citizens. When a senior is strapped onto the bed, the Z-001 will start taking care of all that person's needs once the patient's personality starts combining with the machine. However something goes horribly wrong when the elderly Mr. Takazawa gets hooked up to the bed. Through the Internet, he starts appealing to Haruko, the young woman who had been his nurse, for help. But as the nurse and her friends try to aid Mr. Takazawa, the Z-001 takes on a life of its own and escapes from the hospital, destroying everything in its path. Will Haruko be able to save Mr. Takazawa and expose the evils of the government's new invention? 

hospital • futuristic • machines • senior citizens • health care