Liberated Don Quixote

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This clip is from a 1987 short film directed by Vadim Kurchevsky, who began to work at Soyuzmultfilm as an art director, and later became a leading director of stop motion animation for children. In the 1960s he began to address adult viewers. He experimented with new forms of artistic expression and together with Nikolai Serbryakov and Roman Kachanov, took stop motion in new directions. Liberated Don Quixote was the first lyrical "auteur" film in this genre. A stylish and ironic retelling of Cervantes' Spanish classic, the film incorporates Kurchevsky's background as a graduate of the Muhina Art School in St. Petersburg and as a curator at the Zagorsk Doll Museum. The exquisite costumes and masterly use of lighting and color influenced a generation of stop motion animators in Russia and around the world.

This film can be watched in its entirety on the Masters Of Russian Animation DVD set - an extraordinary collection of Russia's most important animated short films by Russia's world renowned directors.  

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