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Jail: Las Vegas

411VM Skateboarding - Issue 65 - Openers and Intro with Jason Lee and Chris Pastras

Posted on: August 30, 2004 | Views: 169 | Comment

Street-skating pioneer turned modern day Renaissance man, Jason Lee is skating again and we've got the first video footage of his return to the scene with Chris Pastras and Stereo, the company they started back in 1992.

Openers: Georgio Zattoni becomes the second skater to land the 900. Andrew Reynolds, Gonz, Lindsey Robertson and more make history at Wallenberg. Chaos delights the eyes and the ears, featuring Darrell Stanton, Jason Adams, Adam Alfaro; edited over "I Need to Say Goodbye" by Vast.
Day in the Life: Jason Lee and Chris Pastras cross 1500 miles to hang out. See Jason Lee in Austin, TX, on a movie set. Go on a street-skating mission in L.A. with Chris Pastras, Brian Lotti, Clint Peterson and Kenny Anderson. Clint Peterson's got the Rookies article all wrapped up.
Controlled Chaos features four of the most stylish pros to grace skateboarding today: Pete Eldridge, Nate Jones, Mike Rusczyk and Aaron Suski. Check Up with Keith Hufnagel on a visit to HUF and skate through his hometown hills of San Francisco. Hot Wheels drops in with a multi-national cast of am rippers: Stereo riders Benny Fairfax and Keegan Sauder, Adrian Williams and Andrew Allen.
Road Trip: Head to the Bay Area of California with the Stereo Sound Agency for dual art shows and a whole lot of skateboarding. Finally, issue 65 closes out with a Profile of Miami transplant Forrest Kirby. What he puts down in one of the most unheralded skateboard cities will blow you away.  

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