Can Taffer Rescue A Hookah Bar?

Oasis Hookah bar in Omaha, NE is in dire straits. They serve toxic drinks and have terrible service. To top is all off, there's a dead rat somewhere in the building, but nobody knows where.

This placeis frickin' disgusting.

It says, "Use fordrinking water only."

What happens when you putalcohol and citric acids

in this kind of a plastic?

It absorbs it and youget people sick!

Now, the drink that he had was the drink you poured

that came out ofthe bottom of this,didn't it?

Narrator: Citric acids break down plastic polymers,

causing harmful toxins to leech,

contaminating the beverage and degrading the container.

How long has itbeen sitting in this?

You don't know, do you?

This is your life?This is your frickin' future?

And you got a childwho's counting on you.

- Yeah.- You blew it.

Say what you want to meas a business owner...

do not mention my child.

Stay the --out of my personal.

Let's go see the hookah area.I'm sure that's no better.

I'd like you to meetmy friend, John,

the number-onehookah expert in the world.

This place is a dump.

I mean, lookhow rusty that is.

I mean, look at all this.All this stuff is wet herefrom grime and grease.

And this is just residuefrom hookah shisha tobacco.

Here's what bothers me.When there's moisture leftin these, bacteria grows.

And then I go to smokeout of it and what happens?

People get -- sick!That's why I'm pissed!

What did you doall night long tonight?

- You weren't busy,were you?- No.

So look at him and tell himwhat you did tonight

to make this businessbetter, Manager.

I didn't do anythingto make it better.

Jon: Why the hell are you here?

I guess I don't know.

Now I gotta askyou the question--what stinks in this place?

'Cause it isn't tobacco.

A couple days ago,we found a rat.

We put down rat poison.It ate the rat poison,and we're guessing it died.

Both:We have no ideawhere it's at.

Do you smell it?'Cause I do.

There is a stench in this barthat smells like death.

It's awful, and as I walk to the back,

it gets worse and worse and worse.

( sniffing )Do you smell it?

I wouldn't put that in your mouth if I were you.

Jesse: We don't know if it's in the wall or in the air ducts.

- Oh!- Oh, --!