Back To The Scene Of The Crime

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/21/2014

Adam & Skip bring non-contractor Vance back to the botched job that he left in the garage. He makes excuse after excuse before Skip brings him back to the real world.


- here we are, Vance.- Scene of the crime.

Bring back a lotof memories?

What went on with thisHVAC, man?

Uh, the only thingI ever did was do this

to make an enclosed cabinet.

- You addedthis 4x6?- Yes.

Skip: Problem is, is it's sitting on top of this lower support

and if this wereto come apart,

we got gas lines,we got electricitycoming to this thing.

This thing fallson the ground, it'sa recipe for disaster.

If it was to fall apart,it's still attached up there.

Dude, the whole thingis chopped out!

All right.

Vance obviously doesn'tknow anything about HVAC

or how to installit properly.

He should've hada certified technician hereto get that work done right.

The way he did it,it's clear he has no ideawhat he's doing.

Vance, to meit's about this wall.

Not using treated lumber,

is that just somethingyou got lazy on?

I totally overlooked it.

You know, working by yourself,you got a lot of...

angles and numbersin your head...

so, you know,you lose track of stuff.

Vance's excuses range from

"I have no license"to "I'm incompetent"

to "You should haveknown I was incompetent,"

and this is why you should have never taken the job in the first place.

Because you're nota contractor.

So where the -- did$12,000 go on this job?

Everything went fortime, materials, gas, fuel,everything else.

And a year and a halfof "What do I do next?"

Dude, that's your problem.If it took a year and a half

that doesn't meanyou spend her money

to finance your year and a halfof Vance lifetime.

Vance didn't havethe skill set,

but more importantlyhe did not have th wil |

to come back.Like, I'm not very goodat sex...

but I try my ass off.