Drunken Owner Goes On A Rampage

  • Season 3
  • Aired 02/25/2014

The books aren't the problem at this Irish sports bar, it's the over-served owner. Under the tutelage of Jon Taffer, the other owners muster up the courage to kick him out of the bar and set things straight. Will he see the err of his ways?

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Jon: You give them their keys tonight.

Come back tomorrowas a reasonable partner.

This is bull--!

I think it's timefor you to go home.

It's over.You blew it.

I'm gonna leave you guys.

Do not leaveuntil you get the keysand the checkbook.

Good night.

Honestly, I didn't thinkDave and Steve

had it in 'em,but they did.

They had the courage,they went in,

and they completeda hostile takeover.

- This is -- bull--.- Dave: No, it's the way it is.

No, it's -- bull--.Where the -- have youguys been?

I've been here --busting my -- balls.

- This is --!- Steve: Keys.

-- bull--.

That's enough.Get out now.

- Steve: You're done |- -- bull--!

Who's here? Me.Not you mother--.

This is bull--.Give me my -- keys.

--, --.I'm always here,every -- day.

- We know that.- ( slurring ) --.

- Come on, buddy.- You're my -- brother.

-- damn it.

That's -- bull--.

That's -- bull--.My -- own brother,God damn --.

-- hard --.

Well, I'm surprised thisplace hasn't cleared out.

I'm embarrassedto be associated with himright now.

And how he reactedwas abysmal.

That is just crazy.( laughs )

I'm gonna -- come backand rob the place,

'cause that -- don't knowhow to lock it up.

Come on, Jerry. This way.Gotta take you home.

That's not fun.But it had to be done.

If I die tomorrow,you -- ain't gonna havethe account number.

- Missi: Quit being an ass |- Bull--, I'm not being an ass. I'm telling the -- truth.

They don't even knowhow to turn the -- TV off.

I guarantee I'll come heretomorrow morning and the --big screen will still be on.

Don't worry about it right now,okay? I'll take care of it.

Yeah, whatever.That -- lightbulb cost 299 bucks.

Make sure theyturn the -- TV off.