Lower City - Karinna And Naldinho Talk At The Club

Posted on: June 14, 2006 | Views: 366 | Comment

Naldinho (Wagner Moura) wishes Karinna (Alice Braga) would quit fraternizing with other men on the dance floor.

Deco and Naldinho (Lazaro Ramos and Wagner Moura) are best friends in a constant struggle to earn an honest living in the gritty world of Salvador de Bahia's Lower City. When a beautiful prostitute named Karinna (Braga) asks to hitch a ride, the twosome quickly becomes a threesome. To survive life in the Lower City, the trio must learn to accept each other as lovers, friends and enemies. A startlingly intimate debut from director Sergio Machado, Lower City bursts with intensity and sensuality stemming from the unflinching performances of the vibrant young cast and the exotic locale. 

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