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Four Fingers of the Dragon

Posted on: March 19, 2004 | Views: 126 | Comment

Master Kong say he gonna make me master!

The Making of the Dragon is a comedic satire (not a spoof) of the Kung-Fu film genre. Shot as a behind-the-scenes look at how a fictional Kung-Fu movie is made, the film is basically a movie about the making of a movie. The fictional film The Dragon tells the story of how a young boy, who's master is killed by a group of thugs, grows up to avenge his teacher's murder. The lead character of Bruce is a tribute to the late great martial arts legend and portrays many of the stereotypical characteristics and idiosyncrasies that distinguished his illustrious career. The Making of the Dragon emphasizes and exaggerates all the overly dramatic moments, simplistic story lines and farcical elements that make up the films of the Kung-Fu genre. 

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