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There Once Was A Dog

Posted on: April 5, 2007 | Views: 210 | Comment

This clip is from a 1982 short film directed by Eduard Nazarov about an old guard dog who befriends the old wolf he once chased from the village. The wolf helps him to become appreciated again by the villagers, and the dog thanks him by inviting him to a wedding.
All ten-minute films produced by Soyuzmultfilm had to be completed in four months, whether simple or complicated. It was impossible for Nazarov to finish Hunt, which required drawing each scene by hand, in accordance with the studio's rigid production schedule. And so despite the success of Hunt, it would be two years before Nazarov was allowed to direct There Once Was A Dog. In this film Nazarov used a different, simpler technique, and it was completed "almost on time." A folk tale told by many cultures, Nazarov decided to set his version in the Ukraine where he had spent many enchanted summers and had come to appreciate the beauty of the people, the countryside and the music.

This film is 11 min. long and can be watched in its entirety on the Masters Of Russian Animation DVD set - an extraordinary collection of Russia's most important animated short films by Russia's world renowned directors.  

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