Moroccan Themed Drink Menu

While implementing a new drink menu at Oasis, Jon Taffer comes up with a a great new concept: "the hookah of cocktails." The social aspect of hookah can now be complemented with a group drink.

I'm gonna take you guys throughour new cocktail list.

t to pay respectto the concept of the barformerly known as Oasis.

The menu Jon and Icame up with

is equal parts Moroccan themeand high-speed mixology.

This is calledthe Marrakesh Express,

the shot of the house,essentially.

We have one ounceCîroc Amaretto

and three quarter of an ounceof the coffee liqueur.

Top it off withhot Moroccan coffee.

Garnish with cinnamon--one, two.

The Marrakesh Express.

This is what's gonnaget people coming back.

We want this menu to be able to compete

with any of the othermixology bars in town.

Yeah, it has a kick to it.

So, this next oneis called the Spice Merchant.

We have lemon juiceand Stirrings Triple Sec.

Half ounce of each of these.One, two.

One ounce, Captain Morgan'sOriginal Spiced Rum.

We have apple cider,an ounce and a half of this.

Our secret blend of spices.We got a nice little wedge.

The Spice Merchant.

That's good, yo.That's bomb.

It's just stepping upwith real glassware,fresh ingredients.

Jesse: This whole Persian, Middle Eastern type of theme

is exactly what I wanted for Oasis.

- Wow.- I'm really excited.

The best thingabout all these cocktails?

Every single one of themis batchable

for these punch bowls.

What's the best partof a hookah?

There's the community aspect.Everybody sitting around and--

Jon: Four tubes, middle of the table.

- It's the hookah of cocktails.- Yep.

It's social,it's interactive,

and it tiesright into our theme.