'My Tolerance For An Owner Hitting An Employee Is Zero'

The owners at O Face Bar in Council Bluffs, IA, occupy the number one spot in Taffer's list of poor proprietors. It's clear that they are beyond rescue.

We've witnessedsome outrageouslyincompetent owners.

But none of themcomes close

to the coupleat the top of my list.

Jon: These owners were so terrible,

they put their customers in danger...

Woman: And I was like, "Oh!"

...they treated their employeeslike servants...

( pinging )

...and they evenlet their managerbeat up an employee.

- Stop...!- Stop -- doing that, then.

- Oh!- We've got a fight.

- Stop!- This girl will bury you!Fire her ass!

They were so badthat I walked out

and didn't even rescuetheir damn bar in the end.

If she's heretomorrow, I'm not!

Occupyingthe number one spot

on the countdown of the absolute worst owners I've ever faced...

Matt and Karen at the O Face Bar

in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

( bell pinging )

Dave...I'm not drunk yet.

( cheering )

- Karen: Guys ready for a shot | ( bell pings )

The beer bottles are flying,the shots are flying.

The business means nothing.

Karen: Whoo!Getting -- up tonight!


RescuingMatt and Karen's bar

would have been perpetuatingbad business practices.

( yelling )I need a drink!

I know, I'm trying.I don't even knowwhat I'm doing.

I don't know whythey're having me do it.

- Don't you have somethingto drink or something?- I'm working.

I'm working.It's called "networking."

Say something to them.Smile, say somethingto them.

I will.I'll bring the checkout for you.

Would you do me a favor?Would you smil once?

This isa hospitalitybusiness.

- Smile. Do this.- I got it. All right.

- Come on, Karen,you can do this.- I got it.

This is th onl barI ever walked out ofand didn't rescue

and it wa exactl |the right thing to do.

First day I got here,I never even made itinside the bar.

I got involved in a fight in the parking lot

where your managerwas fighting withyour servers.

- --.- Stop!

- ...that girl.- Shut the -- up!

At the endof that fight,

you looked at herand said she had it coming.

An wh was Ion the ground?

You ask for itall the time.

Jon: And then I saw a video a few minutes ago

that took meover the top.

- Matt -- |- Man Where were you?

( Matt yelling )I'm military, --.

I will --take you out.

If yo eve --with my wife and I'll--

I'm -- talkingto you.

The bar isn't what's wrong.Your character is what's wrong.

I've aired outmy differences withall these people!

- I've talked,I've discussed!- Really?

Yeah, I have.All the -- that you'reyelling at my wife!

The problem isyou guys thinkthis is okay.

You guys are a mess.

I ain't scaredof --, Jon.

My tolerancefor an owner hittingan employee is zero.

I am not gonnarescue a bar and thenread in the newspaper

that somebody got hurt here next week.

I won't have any part of it.

My advice to youis this, as anotherhuman being...

you need some helpand you need to pullyour lives together

and thenmaybe you cansave your business.

You need a counselor, not a bar professional.

But I'm done.This is the first bar rescueI ever walked out of.

- You blew it.- I don't knowwhat's going on.

Matt:I said to get offof that -- camera, dude.

You had the nerveto talk on the camera?!

Son of a bitch!Guys, get the --out of my bar.