LVPD Makes A Battery Arrest

Las Vegas Police Officers arrest a perp for battery.

Graveyard shift here

in North Las Vegas,

you have the opportunity

to be very proactive.

We're considered a major city

police department.

However, the difference here

is we're a 24-hour town,

so we can have activity going

on at 3:00 in the afternoon.

We can have the same type of

activity going on at 5:00

in the morning.

>> (indistinct radio


>> DELALIS: We're responding to

a disturbance call right now.

We had a report of a battery

that went down.

Just south of Lake Mead here,

out near a medical

professional building.

The sergeant was first

on the scene.

He's asking for some

backup units,

so we're going to find out

what's going on here.

Charlie-1-Baker-25 arrive.

>> (over radio): Baker-25.

>> Okay, can I feel...

I believe it's

in my right pocket.

>> DELALIS: Don't reach

for nothing.

>> Do you have a box cutter?

>> It doesn't have a blade, sir.

>> DELALIS: All right,

just relax.

You're not in trouble.

Hands behind your back, sir.

There you go.

What's your name, buddy?

>> Matthew.

>> DELALIS: All right, let loose

of your hands, Matthew.

You're all right.

We're going to treat

you good here.

Just relax, all right?

>> Yes, sir.

>> DELALIS: Okay, as soon

as we find out what's going on,

you'll be on your way, okay?

>> Yes, sir.

>> But right now

we're conducting

an official investigation.

You're not free to go until we

tell you to do so, okay?

>> Yes, sir.

>> All right, buddy.

Why do you have blood

all over your hands?

>> 'Cause I fell, sir.

>> DELALIS: You fell?

>> Yes.

>> DELALIS: Okay, open up

your hands for me.


You want to tell me, really,

what's going on here, Matthew?

>> I told you my wife

has worked at this place.

She was working at the rodeo

place, which is-- the women--

they dance with the men

and the men just pay them.


So she quit this job.

She tells me she's a waitress

at this other place.

Equal... it's the same thing.

I tell her, "Look, baby, we have

a little money in the bank.

You don't have

to work this place.

I don't want you to be where

these women are... are whores,"

you know what I mean?

>> DELALIS: How much does

she get paid?

What do you think she makes?

>> She says the guys buy a beer

to dance with her--

it's $10 for the beer.

>> DELALIS: Okay.

>> Seven for her,

three for the bar.

>> DELALIS: Okay.

All right.

Besides dancing, does she do

anything else with them?

Any sexual intercourse?

>> I-I-I respect my wife and she

tells me, no, she doesn't do

anything but dancing, so I

believe her she doesn't do

anything but dancing.

>> What do you think she does?

>> I don't want to believe

anything else.

>> But what do you think?

>> I don't want to believe

anything, sir.

>> How long you been with her?

>> I've been with her since

the 12th of March, sir.

>> DELALIS: And she's your wife?

How many times did you hit her?

Okay, we have... she has

a bloody nose and you have

blood on your hands, sir.

>> You see the cut on my hand?

>> She has a bloody nose

and you have blood

on your hands.

Come on over here.

Let me put you in here.

Okay, as of right now you're

under arrest for domestic

battery, okay?

>> Chill.

>> Okay, um...

We have enough evidence

to place you as the primary

physical aggressor,

and it's battery, okay?

>> What did she say?

>> Have a seat in the vehicle.

>> Hey, don't look at her.

>> DELALIS: Have a seat.

>> Sit down.

>> DELALIS: Have a seat.

>> Sir...

You going to write me a ticket?

>> DELALIS: A ticket.

Do me a favor, show me how many

times did he punch you?

>> This is the first time.

>> DELALIS: Okay, how many times

did he hit you in the face?

>> Hit me?

>> Yeah, how many times?

>> No...

>> Once, twice, three...?

>> No.


(sobs) at first he's... this.

>> DELALIS: Here?

>> ...before he's punched me.

>> Yeah, what about now?

(speaks Spanish)

How many times did he punch you?

>> No punch me.

Only one...

>> DELALIS: Just once?

>> In the corner...

>> DELALIS: What she's saying

is it was like some

roughhousing going on.

She admitted to him grabbing

her by the neck.


At the bus stop?

>> In the 2400 block

of Lake Mead.

At least, that's what our

independent witness was saying.

So we're solid on that.

I mean, as soon as we pulled up,

she had the blood

all over her face.

He had the blood right

on the hands, you know?

>> Yeah, she's got it

all over her hands, too.

I mean, from her nose, but...

>> DELALIS: Right.

>> LATENDRESSE: She was trying

to downplay it to me, too.

>> DELALIS: She got a good

strike in the noggin.

Man, that nose is inflamed.

>> LATENDRESSE: Hey, Pete, he

has to give her a ring, too.

Ask him about that.

>> DELALIS: Hey, where's

the ring at?

She wants her ring back.

She says she loves you.

Hold on.

>> Just a minute.

>> All right, come on out.

Come on out.

This is her ring?

Are you trying to take it

back from her?

>> No, she threw it on the

ground and I picked it...

>> DELALIS: Probably after you

hit her, she got upset, man.

When you love somebody, you

know, sometimes people take it

a little too far.

In this case, you did, man.

You were upset about

what she did, okay?

And because of what she's doing

for a living,

you're upset with it.

So things...

one thing led to another.

You guys started fighting

down there.

Have a seat.

I'll have her talk to her.

>> Can I talk to her, please?

>> DELALIS: Absolutely.

>> Please don't let me go

without talking to her.

I've got some change.

She can have that.

She can have the change too.

I don't care about the change.

Please let her have it.

She needs it

to take the bus, sir.

>> DELALIS: All right,

have a seat. Have a seat.

I'll let her come here

in a second; just relax.

Ma'am, he's going to jail

right now, you know that.

>> I know.

>> DELALIS: And then when he

gets out, do you want to still

be with him or no?

Do you want this ring back?

I want to give this back to you.

>> It's mine?

>> DELALIS: It's your ring.

You want it back?

>> (sobbing)


>> Are you going to put it on

so you don't lose it?

>> I know we're married,

but I'm no more his wife.

>> DELALIS: No more love?

>> This is love?

>> That's what I'm saying.

I'm trying to understand

what you said.

No, it's not love.

>> Okay, I can't stay

more with him.

>> Okay, I understand that.

I respect that.

>> Because...

>> That's why my friend

has given you all

the information you need

to get a protection order

against him, okay?

Okay, uh... you have to start

thinking of what's more

important now.

You have to ask your heart

what's important.

Can you live with this man,

or is it time for you

to move on with your life?

You understand what I'm saying?

>> I understand

what you're saying.

>> DELALIS: Okay.

Well, he's going to jail

right now, you know that.

>> I know... (sobbing)