Jon Taffer Does The Black Light Test

Some employees shine while others crumble during the stress test at Oasis. Jon Taffer uses a black light test to see if the furniture is clean, and it is decidedly not. This is troubling to many of the patrons.

You guys hadwatermelon, right?

All right,I'll double-check.I'll be right back.

There's not reallymuch manager-- managinggoing on right now.

- Is this for them?- I don't know.

I'm definitely frustrated.

Somebody figure outwhere this hookah goes.

Two Amarettoand seven shots all day.

Joe: The service bar is getting hammered.

Brandon is bustinghis ass...

One, two, three, four.

Joe: making multiple drinks

at the same time, across different tickets,

his times were speeding up exponentially.

Yeah, I need these sixto go to R5.

Did you look at the top ofthese? Do you see how longthis has been sitting here

- and the coalsare already burning out?- Yeah. Right.

How many hookahsare we waiting for?

There's one, two,three, four.

That I don't know.

- Which one came in first?- Corrie: I don't know.

"I don't know."

"Which one goes where?""I don't know."

Did you guys orderanother hookah?

No? Hmm.

Where are my orders?

Corrie needs to be on top ofthings and pick up the pacea little bit

because it's notlooking too good.

- Listen to me.- Yes, sir.

There's ticketsback there.

This thing is falling apartby the minute

and you don't even know it.

She does not knowwhat she's doing at all.

Got it.

I need these--I need these to go out.

Jesse, you gotta--you gotta take those.You gotta take--

Joe: The bartenders at Oasis are good.


The issue is there'sno clearly delineated roles

for anyoneto drop the drinks.

Um, we have three Amarettos for this table.

Oh, okay.Has everyone gotten them?


It's a -- show.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

John: There's hardly any smoke coming out of these.

I'm gonna go talk to them, see if they can do

something better for you guys, all right?

You only put two coals on each hookah?

- Yeah.- Then bump it up to three.

The fact thatsome of the hookahsdon't exactly work

doesn't makemy job very easy.

So how many of you guysare into hookah?

When you come downtown in Omaha,what are you looking for?

Party?You wanna dance?

How many of you hookahonce every six months?

So as a hookah bar,I got a shot at getting youone or two times a year.

- Is that whatyou're telling me?- Yeah.

I would smoke hookah again.

I'm not sure aboutcoming back here again.

- Ah, how come?- It's dirty.

And it's not me.That's the way it was.

I don't want to sit back.

Jon: You have good reason not to sit back.

Put these glasses on.This is a black light.

- Woman: Oh, no!- My coat!

Jon: What is that? Is that body matter?

Is that DNA?What the hell is it?

Wash your hands before youtouch your steering wheels,

and make sure you don't take this disgusting filth home with you.