Jonah, a Veggie Tales Movie - The First 8 Minutes

Posted on: September 24, 2002 | Views: 2,366 | Comment

The Veggies happily sing-a-long on their drive to a concert, when suddenly everything goes haywire! Their van careens out of control and they find themselves lost in a strange place.

This not-so-garden-variety cast is led by the signature characters of the top-selling Veggie Tales series, Larry the Cucumber (as Pirate Larry, the undisputed laziest pirate in the world) and Bob the Tomato (as himself), as well as upper-crusty Archibald the Asparagus as the monocle-sporting prophet, Jonah. Larry, Bob, Archibald and the rest of the Veggie gang set sail on a whale of an adventure in Jonah, the brand's first CGI theatrical feature film. 

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