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Juba Snipes a Marine

Posted on: January 19, 2006 | Views: 371 | Comment

"Juba" is the nickname that the multinational forces in Iraq have given to a supposed member of the Iraqi insurgency who is alleged to be an accurate sniper, having killed and wounded up to a hundred United States soldiers. The sniper fires only once before moving from his position, leaving behind little evidence of his whereabouts.

"Juba's" existence has not been proven by any military source, nor the veracity of the claim he has his own website. Each time an incident occurs a single bullet casing and a note have been found at the location where the sniper was believed to have been. The message, in Arabic, "What has been taken in blood cannot be regained except by blood. Baghdad Sniper". These items were found after the sniper attack when buildings were scoured by U.S. forces. It is not yet known whether "Juba" is a single sniper, or whether "Juba" represents a 'copycat' phenomenon carried out by multiple individuals. 

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