The Big Bad Swim - Trailer

Posted on: June 27, 2006 | Views: 1,485 | Comment

Amy Malone (Paget Brewster) is a middle-aged calculus teacher going through a divorce. Her soon to be ex-husband, Paul (Grant Aleksander), is a co-worker at Old Lyme High School and given the current situation one of them is going to have to quit -- and Paul has tenure.

Seeking solace, Amy signs up for a Beginner's Adult Swim class at her local gym. While overcoming her childhood fears of swimming, she befriends a beautiful, younger woman named Jordan Gallagher (Jess Weixler). Jordan is a kindred spirit, except she's fifteen years younger and fifteen pounds lighter -- but Jordan's life isn't perfect either. Along with being a blackjack and roulette dealer at the Mohegan Sun Casino, Jordan has a high paying job as a stripper. 

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