Minneapolis PD Catches A Registered Sex Offender Luring A Young Girl

FTO Terry Nutter and Officer Steven Lecy of the Minneapolis PD respond to a registered sex offender luring a young girl.


advice that I got, and it still

runs true today is, no matter

what happens in this job, as

long as you go home safe to your

family, is the number one

important thing to do.

So, safety is the best advice

that I got.

And to keep your head in

the game.


responding to call here where

a black male on a bicycle is

trying to lure a 12-year-old

girl away from her mom.

Is that him?

>> NUTTER: Yeah, that's him.

>> LECY: Put your hands up.

Put your hands on the car

right here.

What are you doing?

>> I ain't doing anything, sir.

>> LECY: What do you mean you're

not doing nothing?

>> I'm not doing anything.

>> NUTTER: Put them on the car.

Any weapons on you, sir?

>> No, sir.

>> NUTTER: Nothing?

>> No.

>> LECY: Squad 360.

>> NUTTER: Where are you going?

>> I was going... I was headed

back down to the Salvation

Army, sir.

>> NUTTER: To where?

>> Salvation Army.

>> NUTTER: Okay. Where are you

coming from?

>> I came from...

Around to the place around there

where I ate at.

>> NUTTER: Where's the place

around there where you ate at?

What's the address?

>> Cliftons.

>> NUTTER: Clifton?

>> I don't know the address.

>> He got my granddaughter.

>> NUTTER: Put down the stick.

>> That's my granddaughter.

>> NUTTER: Okay, go ahead

and just step back for me.

I'll come talk to you

in just one minute.

All right, sir, put your hands

behind your back.

You're just going to be placed

in cuffs for now.

>> LECY: Is this-- is this where

you're living right now?

>> Yes, sir.

>> LECY: Which one, 1010

or 1000?

>> 1000.

>> LECY: 1000?

>> Yes, sir.

Inside there.

>> NUTTER: Sir, come over

this way.

Just for now you're being

detained while we investigate

the call that's going on, okay?

We're investigating a luring.

>> A luring?

>> NUTTER: Yep. You know what

that is?

>> Uh...

>> NUTTER: That means somebody

is trying to...

I'll explain to you

what's going on, okay?

In just a minute, give me

one minute.

>> Thank you.

>> NUTTER: I'll be right

back with you.

>> LECY: So you're walking

down this way, right?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> LECY: And he comes biking up

alongside of you?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> LECY: And what does

he say to you?

>> He says, "Hey, baby."

And so I just started screaming

for my friend.

>> LECY: Okay. And then where

did he go from there?

Did he continue following

you, or...?

>> He just went that way,

straight down to...

>> LECY: So he was going

the other way, then?

>> Yeah.

>> She said he kept getting

closer and stuff, 'cause she

came in screaming.

We just live right around the

corner right next to the church.

And she came in screaming and

just crying and I didn't know

what happened.

And I was asking her,

and she goes, "This guy

kept following me.

He wouldn't stop following me."

And I was like, "What guy?"

I had to come and see,

because there's a lot of kids

that are around here.

So that's the reason

I followed him.

I don't know what he was...

trying to hit on her, what he

was trying to do, but that's

why I called the cops.

I see a lot of stuff

that goes on around here,

and somebody just-just right

over here just got raped

not too long ago.

>> LECY: Yep. Is this the guy

then that followed you,

the guy that we arrested...

>> Yes.

>> LECY: ...in the car?

Is that the bike we have over

there, is that his?

Did you see it?

Did he have that pack on him

still and everything? Okay.

So, just so I got it straight--

you're walking down Portland

Avenue on this side?

So you're on the east side of

the street, and he's biking

going northbound, right?

>> Mm-hmm. Well, he was coming

this way, then he turned around.

>> LECY: Oh, so then he turned

around, okay, and started

going back the other way?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> LECY: And then he comes up

and he says...

>> "Hey, baby."

>> LECY: ..."Hey, baby," to you?

Okay. I mean, did he keep

coming closer to you, or...?

>> Yeah.

>> LECY: ...as he's saying that?

>> Um, yes.

>> LECY: And then once he

started biking away, then you

ran home to Mom's?

>> NUTTER: And did he follow

you while you were running?

>> Mm-hmm. But then once I got

to the corner and started

turning, he went straight.

>> NUTTER: He did?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> NUTTER: Okay, and then he

came back this way again?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> NUTTER: Okay, what other

stuff did he say to you?

>> That's all-- just

"Hey, baby."

>> NUTTER: Okay, did he do

any motions with his hands

or anything?

>> No.

>> NUTTER: Nothing?

>> I thought he was asking

your name.

>> Uh-uh.

He just said, "Hey, baby."

>> I just heard her screaming

and I... I left.

>> NUTTER: Where do you-- where

do you guys live?

>> Just right around the corner.

Two houses down

from the church... three.

>> NUTTER: Oh, okay. All right.

And then she made it

all the way back home?

>> Yeah.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> NUTTER: Okay.

>> LECY: How long you been

living there?

>> Um, I think about three,

four days.

Three, four...

>> LECY: No, give me... I want

exact... because I'm going to

figure it out.

>> I think about three

or four days, sir.

>> LECY: Okay, what do

you mean you think?

'Cause a little bit ago, you

told me you're staying there,

you've been staying there

for a while.

A while to me is like

a week or two.

>> About four days I think.

>> LECY: Four days, okay.

>> At least three or four days.

>> LECY: You realize you're in

violation of your, um, your

registration with the B.C.A.?

>> I didn't realize that.

>> LECY: Yeah.

>> I thought they told me

five days.

>> LECY: Mm-hmm. No, it's three.

>> Three days?

>> LECY: It's three days.

And I will check with 1010...

or 1000.

I mean, I got your card, okay?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> LECY: So you're

in violation of that.

So that's not... you're all...

Not only that, but you're going

to go to jail for that, too,

because you didn't register.

You are supposed to register

your address within 72 hours.

>> I didn't know that, officer.

>> LECY: You listen, you did

know that because you sign

a form when you're released

that states that on there


And I know you guys do.

And they make sure that you

understand that crystal clear.

>> They told me five days.

>> LECY: Okay... no, that is

not the deal.

>> That's what the officer said.

>> LECY: All right?

>> NUTTER: Well, I just went and

spoke to some of the other

officers there, and they just

informed me that he is

a registered sex offender.

Seems like he's not, uh,

compliant with his

registration, either.

I'm going to go talk

to him some more

and see what else happened here.

If you want to go talk to the

victim's family also.

>> LECY: All righty.

We appreciate you guys

calling us.

You know, he's going to jail.

He's a bad guy we're

getting off the street.

Um, he's going to go to jail

right now for the luring,

and then also for failure

to register as a predatory

sex offender.

The other part of it is an

investigator will be giving you

a call tomorrow to let you know

what the outcome is-- you

know, how they're going to end

up charging him in court

tomorrow, so...

Then on top of it. there'll be

a no-contact order that is

placed, so he cannot have

contact, you know, with you or

with your daughter-- will be

placed on there tomorrow.

>> Good.

>> LECY: So if he gets out in a

week or two or three or a month

from now, and you see him

around, you call us back, we'll

come out, we'll do this

all over again.

We'll put him back in jail.

Hopefully, he'll stay there

for a long time.

At this point, he's violated his

conditions of release.

Hopefully, that's going to send

him back to prison.

>> Okay.

>> LECY: So thanks.

We appreciate you giving us

a call.

So thank God you're okay.

That's the most important thing.