Sin City - Car Chase

Posted on: March 22, 2005 | Views: 0 | Comment

Hartigan and Shellie are tooling along in their '57 Chevy wagon. Shellie tells him there's a loaded pistol under the seat and no sooner does Hartigan fish it out than someone starts firing at them from another car. Hartigan hangs out of the wagon, says to himself "Look the devil in the eye," fires, and the pursuit car veers off the road and over a cliff.

Lots of explosions, guns firing, car chases, women brandishing swords, guys acting tough, rain, babes acting tough, and 40s sedans careening around corners in this film version of the graphic novel by Frank Miller. It's a kind of postmodern film noir with CGI sequences, mixed b&w and color, twisted urban landscapes and gangsters and lowlifes seeking redemption.  

gunfight • noir • film noir • car chase • Bruce Willis