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Femi Kuti Live at the Shrine - DVD Trailer

Posted on: June 22, 2005 | Views: 117 | Comment

Singer, composer and bandleader Femi Kuti takes Afro-beat -- a blend of traditional Nigerian drum patterns; the smooth, positive groove of highlife (the first modern African music to gain worldwide recognition); a scorching horn section that brought James Brown's stuttering beat back home and re-Africanized it; and American soul, funk and R&B -- to a whole new creative level. Femi's father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, created Afro-beat and took his mesmerizing new hybrid from the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Lagos to stages and arenas all over the world. Today Femi is ensuring the music's continued vitality as one of the most powerful sounds to ever arise from the African Motherland adding his own innovations.

The DVD captures Femi and his band, Positive Force, in front of an enthusiastic hometown audience in Lagos, Nigeria. The album contains 14 tracks; more than an hour of music while the DVD contains electrifying concert footage, interviews with Femi and fans, scenes of street life in Lagos that document both the city's grinding poverty and vibrant spirit, and an inside look at the day to day workings of The Shrine, built by Femi as a memorial to his father. It also explores Femi's "Sunday Jumps", weekly concerts that have become a rallying point for political resistance as well as a method for blowing off some of the pressure created by an imploding society. With the exception of Femi's classic "1997," a eulogy to his fallen father, and an inspired re-working of Fela's "Water No Get Enemy," the material on Live At The Shrine is all new, culled from the many songs Femi has been developing since 2001's Fight To Win.

Femi Kuti describes his philosophy in a simple, straightforward manner. "I saw myself sinking deeper into music," Femi says, with characteristic modesty. "The only thing I have confidence in my life 100%... is music." 

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