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Lesbian Rape from She Stole My Voice

Posted on: February 11, 2008 user submitted | Views: 4,589 | Comment

A victim of lesbian rape faces not only the trauma of the rape itself, but completely inappropriate responses from her community. Often the community as a whole, law enforcement, and even the lesbian community deny that the crime is possible, or that it has the severity of male-female rape. And if the victim is herself a lesbian, reporting th crime often requires "coming out" to her friends and family. In "She Stole My Voice: A Documentary about Lesbian Rape," filmmakers Justine Chang and Armand Kaye examine lesbian rape from a holistic and multifaceted perspective; expert responses, community views, graphic depictions, and feminist analyses work together to create an unforgettable film that is simultaneously jarring and enlightening, horrific and hopeful. By unflinchingly and honestly examining a crime that has been ignored and denied for too long, "She Stole My Voice" finally gives voice to those that have been silenced by ignorance and prejudice.