Black Velvet Painting Profits

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/08/2014

Jason brings in an expert to consult on the value of his black velvet painting. Was the purchase worth his while?

I'm gonna do a little researchon my black velvet painting.

I dropped 175 bucks on this.

I need to make at least 250 to make it worth my time.

I'm never attached toanything all that much.

If it's worth alot, time to sell.

I'm not finding anything ongoogling "black velvet Stevens".

But what I did find is a website called "Velveteria".

It's the museum ofvelvet paintings.

The proprietor's name is Carl.

I wonder if Carl wouldknow about Stevens at all.

By pure luck, Carl, the owner ofthe Velveteria was on the road

and passing through Vegasand was able to stop by

and take a lookat my painting.

Right out this way.

The minute I saw Carl's suit, Iknew I'd called the right guy.

Here it is.

So this is it, huh?

Do you mind if I touch it?

Go ahead.

By the way Carl's touching the painting and looking at it

and spending a lot of time just absorbing it,

I can tell it's gonna be a quality painting

and I'm gonna get somegood news about the price.

It's a nice, thick nap on thevelvet so it's probably, uh,

really high qualityvelvet, maybe from France.

I didn't realize there wasdifferent levels of velvet.

Carl clearly seesvalue in this.

How much though?

That's the question.

How much did youpay for it?

You wanna tell me how muchyou think it's worth first

before I tell you howmuch I paid for it?

I'd throw at least 200dollars or 250 dollars on it.


Or maybe upwards.

Now, of course,if he had breasts.


You'd be in the thousands.

It's looking like atleast double what I paid.

I hope you get a lotof money out of this.

Cause it will help mecause I got about 3,000

of these bad boys.


I'm excited about the paintingcause it's a challenge for me

to put out to the worldwhat Carl taught me.

Well, thanks.That's awesome.

So the picture's gotta be just right of this painting

and it's gotta look good and the title's gotta be great.


I think it's gonna bea good sale for me.