Jail: Las Vegas
Jail: Las Vegas
Jail: Las Vegas
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Posted on: October 11, 2005 | Views: 23 | Comment

The name is derived from a theoretical physics term given to our world when viewed from higher dimensions.The first half of the film is mainly a presentation of the stills technique I call TimeStreaming, where successive frames of video are superimposed to show the path of motion of a given object (in this case birds). The second half is a demonstration of a video technique (TimeShear) that I discovered when rendered incoherent by a heavy bout of influenza early this year. While learning to program my own graphics software, I found that I could selectively alter the depth of time in any given part of the visual field. I believe that this is quite an unusual technique as most commercial filters deal with where and how parts of the image are displayed. Instead, I am able to direct when they are displayed, allowing me to effectively paint with time itself. The effect is particularly strange when viewing water, as can be seen in the second half. The time-weighting filter seems to physically alter the wave direction and speed, sometimes even making it appear to flow in reverse. It should be stated though, that there is no time reversal or change in playback speed in any part of the film. 

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