Jerry's Way Or The Highway

  • Season 3
  • Aired 02/27/2014

O'Banion's Bar & Grill is in danger of closing if co-owners Steve and Dave can't change Manager Jerry's ways. Jon Taffer is called in to help turn things around.

Come on, ladies.What, are you--

you can't figure outwhat tab is what?

Come on.

Narrator: While Jerry manages on the inside,

his brother Dave and best friend Steve

arrive with bar expert Jon Taffer

to give this bar a chance at survival.

So, here we are,O'Banion's.

Why'd you call me?

'Cause we were struggling,and we had reached the point

where if somethingdidn't change,

we weren't gonnabe in business anymore.

When this first started,it was a very cooperative effort

between the three of us.

We worked togetheron everything.

But gradually over time, Jerry has stopped listening

to any input from either of us.

Now it's basically Jerry's way or the highway.

Come on, what the --?

So, tell me aboutyour bar?

O'Banion's was my parents'favorite hangout.

This is where people in the Air Force came.

- How many yearsdid your dad serve?- 21 years.

And how much moneydid you and your brotherput in when you opened it?


- Amongst all of you?- Mm-hmm.

Initially, the three of usmade a deal with the banks

where they put up 100%of the money, but we had toput up our houses.

- Oh, so you didn't put up cash,you put up collateral.- Right.

- Jon: So, you went in for 40%.- Dave: Yeah, that's true.

Jon: Your brother went in for 40%, and you went in for 20.

Steve: I got the 20%.

Who primarilyruns the bar?

My brother Jerryruns the bar.

All right,let's have a shot.

- Have a shot, buddy.- No.

- Come on.- Nope.

Whatever you --.

How do you guysget along now as partners?

We grew up togetherand been friends for 30 years,

but things have gottenstrained over the last--

Because of thefinancial pressures--

Because of thefinancial pressures.

- How much time do we have?- We have about seven months.

Well, I gotta tell you guys,it doesn't start out herevery well.

The sign on the sideof the building there is out.

That's the one that would face

both sides of the road that you'd see.

- Whose fault is that?- Jerry's.

And then what happenedover the years?

'Cause it's notan Irish bar now, is it?

It's an Irish bar in name onlyand on St. Patrick's Day.

So, it's reallya sports bar?What is it?

- Steve: We don't know what it is.- If you don't know what it is,

your customers definitelydon't know what it is.

And I couldn'tblame 'em one bitfor not knowing what it is.

So, we gottafind out who we are

and then we gottabe that every day.

You know, I've had this placeunder surveillance for a fewdays.

- Mm-hmm.- That's how I work.

Well, let's watcha little bit.

Let's see what's going onon the inside of the bar.