The War Tapes - Abu Ghraib Scandal

Posted on: June 20, 2006 | Views: 41 | Comment

Zack and Mike, two members of the National Guard in Iraq, discuss the Abu Ghraib scandal.

In March 2004, just as the insurgent movement strengthened, several members of a National Guard unit arrived in Iraq, carrying digital video cameras.

THE WAR TAPES is the movie they made with Director Deborah Scranton and a team of award-winning filmmakers. It is the first war movie filmed by soldiers themselves on the front lines in Iraq.

THE WAR TAPES follows three men: Sergeant Steve Pink, Sergeant Zack Bazzi and Specialist Mike Moriarty. Steve is a young carpenter with a dark, irreverent sense of humor who joined the Guard for college money. Zack is an inquisitive, ironic traveler and university student. Mike is a husband and father of two, driven to fight by honor and redemption. You will see Operation Iraqi Freedom through their eyes. 

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