Taking One For The Team

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/07/2014

Before the ladies sabotage some evidence, Stacy shares his deeply personal feelings about Bigfoot.

I got a questionfor you, man.

What's up?

Let's say we're outSquatching, right?


And, uh, lo and behold,

not 30 feet in front of youis a female Sasquatch.


It lays down on the ground,spreads her legs wide open,

she motions youto come on over,

what do you do?

I believe I'd tear it down,for the sake of mankind.

Yeah.Try to bring our speciescloser together.

What'd you think I'd do?

Oh, (bleep),they're close.

That's fine,let's just let them go.


What if they start

destroying trackslike we did?

There are some marksover here.

Ah, yeah, that's cat.

You can see theclaw marks and all.

Why are they scrapingthe (bleep) ground?

That's such bull (bleep).

Oh, (bleep)!

We gotta go.

Oh, no!