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Sonny - Trailer

Posted on: December 17, 2002 | Views: 1,572 | Comment

Sonny is a male prostitute trying to change his direction.

James Franco's mom is a madam, but he wants out of the business. He tries to go legit, but the job fails, so he travels back to the Big Easy for the easy money. He starts to fall for his mom's top girl (Mena Suvari) but ends up turning tricks with her as a team instead. A gritty look at the tragic allure of the sex trade and emotional plight of sex-trade workers. 

gigolo • money • sex trade • sex • harrry dean stanton • 1981 • mena suvari • prostitution • brenda blethyn • brothel • hustler • nicolas cage • period piece • call girl • tricks • James Franco • New Orleans