Chef John Besh: Pizza Master

Chef Besh knows that food quality is essential to revenue. He shows the boys at Evil Olive in Williamsburg, Brooklyn how to make a great pie.

but we're going to create a better dough,

we're going to work on high quality toppings.

We've sourced everything from local Italian markets

so that we can boast the fact we're serving premium.

All right,that's looking good.

So this isthe new pizza dough.

A higher gluten flour.

- Has a lot more stretch,doesn't it?- A lot more.

You working outsome muscles?

These forearmsare feeling them.

I had a problem with yoursignature pizza yesterday

because one,it just didn't seem special.

There's a lot happeningright here in Williamsburg.

If we can appeal to that new market with a great artisan pizza,

this place will be busy.

And believe me,the neighborhood's goingto know the difference

between high qualityand low quality.

Let's start offwith a little bit of sauce.

Whole milk cheese.

Soppressata thatwe got down at Emily's Porkright down the street.

We're going to takethese beautiful olivesand spread those around.

- It smells Italian.- It smells Italian.

- That's Italian.- All right, pop this in.

No problem.

After they've shown methe things that are possible,

I have no choicebut to believe that whatwe were doing was mediocre.

- I'm proud of this.- No grease whatsoever.

- Perfect.- If that's not an EvilOlivEslice, I don't know what is.