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The stakes are huge in this Feast Or Fired match. Four cases are battled for with three being automatic title shots and one a pink slip. See who risks everything for that chance. 

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Hardcore Match: Bram vs Devon (7:38)

Bram has declared himself the Hardcore King and is making his way through all the hardcore legends. Next is Devon.

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Tag Team Tournament Match: Low Ki & Samoa Joe vs Gunner & Samuel Shaw (11:42)

For the 8 Team Tag Tournament the two top X Division wrestlers, Low Ki and Samoa Joe, team up and take on Gunner and Samuel Shaw.

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Tag Team Tournament Match: EC3 & Tyrus vs Eric Young & Rockstar Spud (12:52)

In another 8 Team Tag Tournament match, Eric Young convinces Rockstar Spud to team with him to take on his former employer and best friend, EC3 and Tyrus.

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Knockouts Championship Match: Havok vs Madison Rayne (9:39)

After winning the 3-Way #1 Contenders match over Angelina Love and Taryn Terrell, Madison Rayne gets her title shot.

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Mixed Tag Match: The Menagerie vs Jessie Godderz, DJ Z & Angelina Love (8:43)

The Menagerie's Knux, Crazzy Steve and Rebel take on Jessie Godderz, DJ Z & Angelina Love in a mixed tag match.

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#1 Contender's Match: 4-Way Elimination (21:59)

Angered after Lashley refused Bobby Roodes challenge to a rematch. Kurt Angle annouces a 4-Way elimination match between Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode to determine who WILL face Lashley for the title.

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Knockouts #1 Contender 3-Way Match (9:07)

Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell face off to see who get the next title shot after Havok takes on Velvet Sky.

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Tag Team Title Series - Final Match: FULL METAL MAYHEM (24:44)

It's Full Metal Mayhem for the winner takes all final of the Tag Team Title Series. Can The Wolves retain the belts and prove they deserve to be considered one of the best? Or can either Team 3D or The Hardys win or cement themselves as the greatest Tag Team ever?

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Handicap Match: Bobby Roode vs. MVP & Kenny King (10:06)

After Bobby Roode challenged Lashley to one more shot at the title, MVP proposed a deal - Face Kenny King and MVP at the same time and if Bobby Roode can't pin or submit both opponents he can never compete for the belt ever again.

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X Division Championship: Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries (11:24)

After winning the NYC Gold Rush and being able to challenge any belt at any time. Austin Aries decides he can't wait. And the belt he wants is the X Division title.

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