Two Reasons

Posted on: February 18, 2004 | Views: 348 | Comment

Basically, it was a very hot afternoon in June when I decided to grab a burger at one of my favorite dive bars between locations. I was worried that it was too hot to leave the camera in the car, so I brought it in with me. Summer, the bartender, happened to be wearing a particularly fetching top which reminded me of why I went to this dive bar in the first place. ( besides the ice cold beer and delicious greasy burgers) I went there to be entertained. The light was very nice coming through the windows and as I ate and drank I shot some footage giving Summer the most basic of direction. After all, this was to be more of a documentary than a planned shot. After all, she is a professional at this type of thing. Later that evening I simply cut a spot that told the very simple truth about great looking girls, cold beer and dive bars. 

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