Stress Test At Mary's Outpost

During this stress test, it becomes apparent that there's a huge rift between owner Bill's wife and his "friend" Nikki. If the service at Mary's is going to improve, everybody needs to be on the same team.

Who doesn't have drinks?

Oh | Oh!

These are the drinkswe've dumped out tonight

'cause they are not right.

Make them three, four at a time,not one at a time!

What are you having?

I need three fizzes.


- I need a fizz.- Ernesto?

What'd you have?What are you having to eat?

What's going on here?

There's like a vibeor something here.

I feel like there's some tensionbetween Nikki and Kimmie.

Three fizzes.


You know, there's one personfor me that counts.

Well said.

You need to make some stuff.Can you make some stuff for me?

I'll just clean and take trash, I guess.

- Here, hold that onefor a second.- What happened?

It goes with the three steaksthat you just took out.

I had them written downand the thing got wet.

- You're wasting food.- I know.

How many tableshave you served?

I'm trying to hit them all--

How many have their drinks?

- Less than half?- Jon Less than half.

We're not gonnamake money that way.

When I put two hands on it?

Ooh, jeez!

Nikki needs to run the floorand not look

for sexual attention,but to look for

"you're doing a great job" attention.

Nikki, I have 15 drinksI don't have any money for.

Um... okay.

The service hasn't been great,kind of slow, lacking.


So the grainis going this way.

So you are gonnacut that way, yep.

Thin. Thinner.

- I'm not-- yeah.- Let me show you.

Tiffany I'm trying to explain the basics.

It's taking a whileto get there.

Bill Y'all, I've got food for a few people,

and I don't seeany tickets for them.

Our system here isn't working.

We're gettinga lot of food orders

that are coming in separatefrom the drinks,

and the drinksare stacking up there.

I'm going to take these,and I'm gonna go up front.

- I'm gonna paper-clip themall together for right now.- Yeah.

These systems are terrible.

At least Bill is tryingto make them work.

( blows whistle )

Bruce, show methose teeth, Bruce!

Who wantsto see Bruce smile?!

( women cheer )

Lisamarie: No, that is gone!

Ass --'s gone!

- Kimmie!- Kimmie Yes, sir?

Are you comfortablewith this situation?


I saw what I needed to see.

Why don't we shut it down,get everybody out of here

so we can have a staff meetingand go to work?

We're closing up.

Thank you so much for coming in tonight!

Everybody be carefulgetting home!