Road Trip Inspired Menu At This Texas Bar

Lisa Marie and Tiffany Derry engineer the perfect menu for a road trip style bar. Hopefully it'll have people lined up off of the interstate.

All right, guys.

We gotsome fun stuff today

for our new side-of-the-road theme.

It's gonna appealto that married crowd.

We're gonna start offwith something creamy,dessert-y,

and it's servedin a coffee mug.

So you're going tofill it with ice.

We're going to do aboutan ounce of iced coffee,

one ounce of Bailey'sVanilla Cinnamon,

3/4 ounce of Crown Royal.

Strain over new ice.

Garnish witha cinnamon-sugar doughnut.

And this isyour cinnamon doughnut.

How many times do you go on a road trip and

get a pack of doughnutsfrom the gas station?

This is the upscale version.

- Do we like it?- Very good.

This next one's sureto be a crowd-pleaser.

Fill it with ice.

Use 1 1/2 ouncesof Crown Royal Maple

and apple juice.

Garnished with an apple slice.

The Apple of Kimmie's Eye.


Go, shake it!Shake it, shake it, shake it!

- There we go!- Whoo!

We're gonna dosome chili today.

The beauty about chiliis we can actually use

any leftover beef so you'renot wasting anything.

And you're going to haveall of those flavors

that you've cooked withgoing into the chili as well.

The really cool thing aboutthe new direction of the bar

is it's all things that you would experience on a road trip.

It's kind of like the junk foodof everywhere you go.

We're gonna start adding in some spices.

Coffee and beef,though you may think

it's extremely strange,it is not.

I have never heardof coffee in chili.

Well, here in Texas,we do eat Frito pies.

Frito pie is chips with chili and cheese,

and I thought it would be kind of fun

to kind of show off some different chips,

different textures, making it,of course, super delicious.

So the great thingis we can do it with this,

we can do it with the barbecueor with the cheese puffs

and whichever onethe customer likes,

they'll order it,and we can serve it on up.

We've never been viablewith the food,

but now with the potential that the menu's gonna come with,

we could doubleour money in a day.

You got this.

Jon: I wanted to sit with Bill and Joe.