Vance Gets A Reality Check

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/21/2014

Once handyman Vance is drawn to the sting house, Adam & Skip confront him about his lies and Valerie's unfinished garage.

Oh, he wiped his feetbefore he comes in,

- he's very considerate.- Oh, wow, class.

Take a seat,make yourself comfortable.

You want something to drink?A glass of water?

No? All right.I'll be back in a minuteso I can show you my stuff.

Oh, Vance.Hey, buddy.

What's going on?

Vance, do you rememberValerie by any chance?

Look familiar to you?


Did a little garage workover there for her?

Uh-- yes.

That project for the garageactually got put on hold.

( swallows hard )Uh--

She said you changedyour number.


You changed your number.

I mean, I never lostphone contact with her.

She said shetried to contact youand you changed your number.

Just recently I changedmy number.

Between, uh--

her appointmentsthat she's made,

there's been several timesI want to come by...

Lie. Lie.

So there'salways meeting times.

That's good fortwo months, but a yearand a half, Vance?

You got $12,000of her money.

And that garage, Vance.C'mon now.

- But it's unfinished.- It's been 18 months.

You weren't coming back,at least own that.

I'm not owning thatI wasn't coming back'cause I was.

Dude, you're not evena contractor.

You shouldn't even be doingthis -- work.

That's why I actuallydo the work,

but obviously you'rea contractor and hire somebodyelse to do it for you.

No, no, no.I don't hire someoneelse to do it for me.

I know how to orchestratea job and you clearly do not.

Orchestrate a job,exactly.

There's a bunch of differenttrades going on here, dude.

You're talkingabout foundation, framing,

insulation,electrical, HVAC.

How about a set of permits?How about that?

You left her in a situationthat's unfinished and unsafe.

This is the best dayof your life, Vance.

- I doubt it.- I know it doesn'tfeel that way.

But this is gonna be goodbecause I'm gonna giveyou three options.

You either give herthe money back--

- I'm guessing that'snot an option.- No, it's--

You come bac with u |

and do the job right,under our supervision.

Or she's gonnatake you to court.