'Get Some Balls!'

Experts Phil Wills and Brendan Collins join Taffer at The Tailgate. Before they get down to business, however, one co-owner decides to air her differences in a very unique way.

Come on, look around.Let's go!

That last burgercame back?

Look, Robert.How is that burger medium?

Add another one on,quickly.

Let me get this out.Move, man!

I need these orderspicked up, Pops!

Order up, table six! Table six!

Both of these,no problem. Robert?

Is that a -- fire?

Turn this fryer offimmediately.

We need to pull thatoff there quickly.

- Phil: There you go, that's it.- Jon: Now we're talking. Zusie.

Make those drinkssix at a time, let's go!

What the hellis going on here?

I might need toclose this down, Jon.

That's what happens when youdon't clean your kitchen.

You get a grease fire like this.

You need tostarve it of oxygen.

Salt, give me salt,a lot of salt.

Go dump it.Come on, guys.It's getting worse.

There we go.

Except it's inside the vent.We got a problem.

And here we go.One, two, and one, two.

Man: There you go, there you go.

- This is getting worse, guys.- Get me a fire extinguisher.

This is what happens, Robert.This is your fault!

This is what you did!

You gotta do it. Extinguish it out.

Do it, kill it.

You're -- joking me,are ya?

The fireextinguisher's dead!

Your fire extinguisher is dead,for Christ's sake!

Give me that -- thing,quickly.

It's gonna flare up.You gotta do it.

( smoke alarm beeping )

( coughing )

Guys, we havea dangerous situation.

We need to shut this bar down.