Taffer Signs His Name In Grease

As the Investors inspect the kitchen at this New Orleans eatery, they are shocked to see a completely filthy environment. Chef Besh notes that "it's the worst by a million." If Jon Taffer can sign his name in grease, he won't be eating there any time soon.

So who doesthe cleaning here?

We all do a little bitof clean-- we all pitch in.

- Emphasis on "little bit."- ( Derry laughs )

- Jared: Yeah.- Taffer: Look at theback of that grill.

Derry: When's the last time y'all cleaned that?

About three weeks agowe cleaned.

Give me a towel.Give me a towel.

( Taffer yelling ) Get Tonya and Tim in here! Look at this!

It's a frickin' lakeback here, guys.

Derry: That's not three weeks, I hate to bust your bubble.

Right over your fryerwith grease dripping.

This is what you've worked all these years for.

Look at the filth up here!I write my name up here!Jon Taffer!

I have never seen any--John, is this the worstyou've ever seen?

It's the worstby a million.

This is the foodthat you want us to eat?!