Dykes & Their Dogs

Posted on: June 6, 2001 | Views: 116 | Comment

Dykes & Their Dogs is even more than the title suggests... An uproarious musical/comedy "Dyke"umentary about the popular Dykes & Their Dogs Contest held annually in West Hollywood Park,California. But this is not just another day in the park. With contest categories showcasing most butch, most femme, best singer, best kisser & best owner look-alike, it's hard to distinguish who really is performing the tricks, the dykes or the dogs. Filled with a rainbow of characters, some 4-legged, some 2-legged, some "somewhere" in between. Unconditional love sets a resounding tone. The original soundtrack literally pants & howls with the title track anthem, "I'm a Dyke, I'm a Dog!!!", a veritable sing-a-long whether you're a dyke or a dog or "somewhere" in between.

For more information please visit: www.dykesandtheirdogs.com 

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