Russell Gives A Lesson In Bartending

Expert bartender Russell Davis gives the staff at Bryant's a crash course in mixology. He is shocked to see just how clueless some of the staff members are.

- How's it going, guys?- All: Good.

What we're gonna do today isthey're getting a crash course

on a couple very easy cocktailsthat they messed up last night.

If these standard cocktailsaren't coming out correctly,

then I know they neverhad proper training.

We're gonna do an ounceof our Smirnoff Citrus Vodka,

half an ounceof our triple sec.

An ounce and a halfof our cranberry juice.

Get her sealed, okay?

You wanna pop this'cause you want thisto be able to happen.

Narrator: The pop sound that occurs when a tin shaker

seals to a mixing glass is the result of a vacuum being created.

The shaking process cools the contents inside,

causing the air pressure to drop

and the metal tin to contract,

which strengthens the suction of the vacuum

and prevents liquid from escaping.

Okay, give it a good shake.

Strain it, garnish itwith a lime zest.Easy, guys?

Okay, Missy,let's do the cosmo.

To be honest with you,I've never made one before.

Okay, let's do it.


Let's tastethis bad boy.

I don't even knowwhat it's supposedto taste like

'cause I don'tdrink liquor.

How hard is itfor you to do your job

if you don'tknow how to bartend?

It's very hard.

Let's get back here, Nadya.

Consistency is key.

When a customer comes out here,

they want to make sure they get the same drinks every time,

no matter if they're ordering from Nadya

or one of the other bartenders.

This is actuallya decent cosmp.

Stress test tonight.

I wanna see the mechanicsof how you construct

some of this foodon the menu.

I'm gonna start you offwith the chicken sandwich.

Eric: Walk me through the logic of starting off

with frozenchicken breast.

At this point and time,it's not to have any waste.

We're not sellingthat many of them.

Brian: I've been cooking since I was 11 years old.

Frozen food doesn'ttaste that bad to me.

If you startfrom a frozen product,

we're gonna get kind ofa rubbery consistency.

Narrator: Frozen food might seem cost-effective,

but in actuality, it eats into the bottom line.

When frozen food is dropped into a fryer,

cool moisture escapes into the oil,

decreasing the temperature

by as much as 10 degrees per drop.

The lower oil temperature leads to longer ticket times,

which results in a 25 to 30% drop in food sales each night.

I'm seeing a lotof processed food there.

- Is everythingon that plate frozen?- Yes, sir.

Jon: Having some frozen food items is fine,

but a bar should havegreat signature items

and a conceptthat drives branding.

And I'm hereto make that happen.