Health Code Violations Galore

Sour beer and a filthy kitchen are just the tip of the iceberg in this Texas sports bar. Taffer and his team watch in disgust as a cook handles raw chicken and then has the audacity to try and serve it to his recon team.

So Taylor, she's a bartender.

Taylor, go over to the far sideright over here-- customers.

Taylor: It's not my order, dear. Somebody'll come.

We're never gonna make no( bleep ) money in this place.

Taylor: Now I'm an ( bleep ). What are we having today?

- I'll take beer.- Okay.

Jon: The bar is disorganized and dirty.

Kate: There's bottle caps everywhere, straws.

Jon: Look at that floor. Mmm.

Vic: That sticky-walk sound.

( groans )

That's not good.It's sour.

The system must not beregulated properly.

They probably don'tclean their lines.

You know what?Can I swap these out?

It's just-- they tastea little sour, flat.

If you don't have great beerin a sports environment,

you have nothing.

- Have we decided on any food?- Lory: Hamburger basket.

I'm gonna takethe pepperoni pizza.

I'm gonna gowith the ten wings.

Jon: There's Kevin. He's our cook.

Look at this kitchen.

Look at that mess.

Look at the dirt.

Vic: They're gonna make people sick.

Jon: You see any gloves there, chef?

Vic: Raw meat, no gloves.

Vic: This is what you would call sacrilegious.

Jon: Now he's opened the refrigerator door

with those hands, now he has raw chicken.

Raw meat into raw chicken!

Now the raw meat was all over the handle of the refrigerator.

When he drops this,

what does allthat foam tell you?

Look at that.

Vic: That that oil has not been changed in a month.

Horrible kitchen.

There's Kiana.She's a bartenderas well.

She's had like fourto five drinks.

There should bea no-tolerance policy for that.

No drinkingbehind the bar.

You're responsiblefor your guests' safety.

You're responsible for the moneythat's coming in the till.

You ( bleeping ).

Jon: Cursing in front of customers.

Nobody can sit here.

Look at her footup on the bar.

She can't even stand.

This type of employee interaction

in front of customers is incredibly unprofessional.

Meanwhile in the kitchen...

Kate: No, stick your fingers in there, that's fine.

So he had raw chickenon his hands,

grabbed the pickles, and put them on the burger.

So that's all contaminated.Just reach right in there.

Jon: You know, it infuriates me.

It's one thing to say"I'm gonna lose my money."

It's another thing to get people sick.

You know wherethat's going to?Our recon team!