Hostile Takeover At O'Banion's

  • Season 3
  • Aired 02/25/2014

The situation at O'Banion's is bad and getting worse, and it's all because of one unruly owner. Since the other two owners have a majority share, they are within their rights to perform a hostile takeover, and turn the bar around. With the help of Jon Taffer, they resolve to do just that.

A hostile takeover

is when the majority ownersof a company

take the business away from the manager.

Dave and Steve own 60% of this company.

They're gonna walk in andthey're gonna relieve Jerry

of his management duties.

It was almostright in her funbags.

- Oh, son of a bitch!- ( woman screams )


The number one responsibility of a bar manager

is to keepyour customers safe.

You can't do thatwhen you're drunk.

All right, come on.

Time-out.Let's have a shot.

Can you come talk to usfor a minute?

What's going on?

Come on over here.

- Jerry: All right |- Jon: Stand right there.

Yeah.Hey, how ya doin'?

I've been better.You're a drunken fool.

- Can I sit down?- With their money. No.

Don't sit down.Stand up, it's good for ya.

- All right.- If you can stand. Can you stand?

Well, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah?- Yeah, I'm standing.

It's not funny.

You're an embarrassment to Dave,you're an embarrassment to me,

you're an embarrassmentto the bar.

You're makinga fool of yourself

and you're disrespectfulto your partners whosehouses are on the line.

We've talked about thismany times.

About you not drinkingin the bar, not yellingacross the bar.

- We're having a great time.- This is not about a great time.

This is about making money!

- ( slaps table )- Come on, now.

It's like-- man, it's like we're having a great time.

Everybody's in here.We're -- having a great time.

That's what we thoughtwe were gonna have whenwe bought this -- place.

I haven't beenhaving a great time.

I've been sittingout in that vehicle

watching you make an ass out of yourself.

That is not fun to me.

This is a hostile takeover.We're taking control.

You're notrunning things anymore.

Here's the law.They own 60% of the business.

You give them their keys tonight.

You walk outta here,come back tomorrowas a reasonable partner!

What the --?I'm having a great time, Jon.

His house is on the line.This isn't about your good time.

This is bull--!

You're the drunken fool!

I think it's timefor you to go home.