Drunken Woman Sustains Head Injury After Passing Out On Sidewalk

In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Pendergrass comes to the aid of an extremely intoxicated woman whom received a head injury after she passed out and fell onto the sidewalk

We got a call of a lady

standing, or laying, in the

road, bleeding from the head.

Very little info as to what has

actually happened.

We don't know if she's fallen,

been assaulted, been struck by

a vehicle, or what.

So we're on our way over here

to find out what's wrong with

her, get her some medical

attention, if needed, and see if

we can find out what happened.


>> ( over radio ): Five, okay.

( woman talking indistinctly )

>> PENDERGRASS: How you doing,


What happened?

>> I'm not sure.

>> PENDERGRASS: You been

drinking today?

>> Yes, sir.

Can you help me up?

>> PENDERGRASS: No, I want you

to stay seated right now, okay?

I don't want you to get up and

fall down. Yeah.

( garbled radio transmission )

Did somebody hit you or did you

just fall down?

>> I'm not sure.

>> PENDERGRASS: You're not sure?

>> No, sir.


How much you had to drink

today, ma'am?

>> A lot.

( garbled radio transmission )

>> PENDERGRASS: What's your date

of birth?

>> Two...seven.

>> PENDERGRASS: And what was

your address again?

>> My address?


>> My address is, um...

I don't have an address.

>> PENDERGRASS: So you're


>> Yes, sir.


What brought you here?

>> I'm not sure.

>> PENDERGRASS: What happened to

the side of your face?

>> I'm not sure.

>> PENDERGRASS: How come you're

going forgetful on me in the

most important part?

>> Because I'm not sure.

If you'll stick with me, I'll

stick with you.


sticking with you, but you're


>> No, no, no, no, no...

>> PENDERGRASS: Don't, don't...

>> No, you're not sticking with


>> PENDERGRASS: You're not

sticking with me.

>> No, you're not sticking with


>> PENDERGRASS: No, you're not

sticking with me.

>> Look at me.

>> PENDERGRASS: I'm looking at


>> Look at me.

>> PENDERGRASS: I'm looking at


>> Look at me.

Let's do this together.

>> PENDERGRASS: I don't think we

need to do anything together.

>> Okay, I don't either.

>> PENDERGRASS: I think you need

to just help me out here.

>> ( stumbles ): I think your

nickname is doo-doo.


appreciate that, but I'm not

really sure you know what you're

talking about.

>> So let's try this again.

>> PENDERGRASS: Let's do try

this again.

What happened to your face?

>> I'm not sure.


Did somebody hit you?

>> I don't know.

>> PENDERGRASS: Somebody slap


>> Let's try this again.


Did somebody slap you?

>> Let's try this again.


Were you in an argument with


>> I don't know.


Do you know anything?

>> Not a thing.

>> PENDERGRASS: I didn't think


Were you with anybody when this


>> Understand...understand

the...understand the...

wor...words were with?

>> PENDERGRASS: Hang tight.

Ambulance will be here in just

one minute.

>> Thank you.

>> PENDERGRASS: Not a problem.

Did any of y'all see this


>> We walked around the corner

and seen her laying there.

>> PENDERGRASS: Okay, did she

fall down?

Did she get hit?

Was somebody with her?

>> Somebody hit her.

>> PENDERGRASS: Who hit her?

>> A dude pulled up in a black

truck and stopped right here...

>> PENDERGRASS: Ma'am, stay


>> ...and they both got out the

car and he got out and just

whopped her.

>> Excuse me but...

Hey! Hey! Excuse me, but you do

not own me.

>> PENDERGRASS: Ma'am, stay


>> Let me go.

>> PENDERGRASS: Come here and

stay seated.

>> You let me go.

( woman screams out )

>> PENDERGRASS: Let me tell you


You are not going to do that.

( garbled radio transmission )

( woman cries out )

>> Ow! Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

>> PENDERGRASS: Get over on your


( woman yelling )

Over on your back.

( woman continues yelling )

Let me see your other hand.

Let me see your other hand.

( woman yelling )

Let me see your other hand,


( woman yelling )

Roll over.

Now sit up.

Now stay right there.

( woman yelling )

She barely caught me.

I jerked out right as she was

starting to clamp down.

A 4-11.

I've got one person saying that

she was assaulted.

She's not telling me anything.

Ma'am, I need you to stay seated

up, okay?

Thank you very much.

Right there.

( woman whimpers and mutters )

( garbled radio transmission )

I'm clear.

Keep telling her to stay seated.

She tries to get up while I'm

talking to one of the guys who's

saying he saw her get hit.

Next thing I do, I turn around,

I see her going to stand up, so

I grab her by the arm and try to

sit her back down.

She tries to bite me.

So she went down.

Go and get her laying off of her

face, get her in the back of a

car till an ambulance get out

here and check her out, make

sure she's okay.

She obviously has either been

assaulted or fell and hurt her


She's saying she don't know what

she did.

She's leaning more--well, I

guess "leaning" is a bad choice

of words.

She's lying more towards the

fact that she fell down.

But I've got a witness saying

that she, uh, was assaulted,


Either or, she's been

uncooperative with me, so...

After she gets checked by the

medic, she'll be going to jail

for disorderly, public intox and

assault on police.

She trying to bite him?

( indistinct conversation )

>> ...straighten up.

( woman speaks indistinctly )

Straighten up.

>> No, stop, stop, stop right

here, right now.

>> Okay.

>> Right here, right now.

>> Get something to clean that

up, will you?

>> Right here, right now.


>> Looks like she's been...

>> PENDERGRASS: Yeah, yeah.

>> I-I want to be with you right


>> Okay.

>> I don't want to...I don't

want to be...

>> PENDERGRASS: Ma'am, stay over


>> No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

>> PENDERGRASS: Have a seat.

>> No! No. No, please.



Ow, God, here we go.

>> Hey!

>> Ow!

( woman yelling )

>> PENDERGRASS: Let me tell you


( woman yelling )

>> Please. Please, please.

Please. Please, please.

>> PENDERGRASS: She tries that

one more time, guys...

>> What's she doing?

>> PENDERGRASS: She's trying to


>> She tried to do that to me,


( man talking indistinctly )

>> PENDERGRASS: Well, if she

does it one more time, step


>> Okay.

>> PENDERGRASS: You try biting

anybody again, I am pepper-

spraying you.

Just understand that, straight


>> Please, please...

>> PENDERGRASS: She tried to

bite me along with the


So she's going to jail.