Entering the Cave

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/31/2014

Kirsten and Shaney gut out an injury while Stacy and Dave rapell into the cave to collect samples for the field test.

(Kirsten)I had a wicked fall.

I'm gonna push through itas best as I can,

and I'm just gonna keep going.

Here you go.

I was trying to picka flatter spot for her to walk,

so, in doing that,Justin and Ro

got a little bitahead of us.


So the rappellingmust be over here.

Is that it?

Yeah, I think so.

(Dave L.)It was badass

rappelling downinto that cave.

Make sure you getyour ground there.

(Dave L.)The temperature change

from up here--It's so much cooler in the cave.

You just feel itget all over you.

Come on, we can movefaster than this, man.

There's a lot more caveto go through too.

Looks like it could befrom a bat or something.

Bigfoot could have eaten this.

There's no tellingwhat kind of hair that is,

deep in this cave like that.

And it smells really stinky.

We got our samples first.

Jaw bone.

That's a skull too.

That's a good one there.

We got what we needto give the doctor.

The rest that was left,

we would scatter or bury

so the other teamscould not find it.

Whether we use them or not,let's get rid of it.