Bar Owner Brawls With Customer

Things are going great during the stress test at South Park, until the owner spots a young man light a cigarette. What follows is a must-watch altercation.

This is what I do,stand here all night.

Jon: Jeff? Smile, buddy.

If I can make people thinkof you as a real nice, you know,

approachable guy, they're gonnafeel better about coming here.

Why,I'm not approachable?

You're a little toughsometimes.

Narrator: In the bar business,

smiles and profits have a direct correlation.

A study done by the Columbia Business School

shows that consumers are willing to spend

12% more money when they're relaxed.

So by merely walking around his bar with a smile,

Jeff can entice his customers to relax

and reach for their wallets.

One loop aroundthe bar smiling.

Just smilingand walking around the bar.

I want everybody in this roomto see how happy you are.

I'm-- yeah, all right.

How are you, brother, good?Nice to see you.

- How you doing, good?- Hey.

Good.How you doing, guys?

Thank you, thank you.Thank you very much.

Now doesn't he look great?

Doesn't that just make you feel good?

How's everything?Good?


Starting to believe.

Starting to believethis guy's really got--

you know,he's got his stuff down.

I think he's really got the power to change this place.

Starting to feel good.

I guess smiling's gonnaget a little bit easier.

Is this ( bleep ) kidlighting a cigarette?

Let's go.Get the ( bleep ) out of here.

Let's go.Get the ( bleep ) out of here.

( bleeping )

Tough guy.

All in a day's work.

Jon: I've been doing everything in my power

to fix this broken bar

and Jeff threw it awayin a second.

Let me talk to youfor a second.

What just happenedwas an unbelievable disaster.

All the progress we made

went totally ( bleep )out the window today.

- Look at me.- Listen--

To have that fightoutside the window

on display for everybody

is so asinine,I can't begin to tell you.

There's not a female customerin the world

that wants to hang out in a barwhere there's a fight.

The guy's got a cigarettein the restaurant!

So you go up to him,you say, "I need youto put it out, buddy.

If you do it for me,I'll buy you a drink."

You make a friend,not an enemy.

That was handled like a rookie,not a professional.

You never have a fightwith a customer.

Think about that tonight

because I'm incredibly shockedby what I just saw!

( bleep ).