Frat Boy Owners In Baltimore

The owners of J.A. Murphy's in Fell's Point, MD, treat their bar like a never-ending keg party. This is problematic enough, but when Taffer looks at the rotting foundation of this building he sets out to tackle the real problem with this bar.

The next bar on my listwas in a bad place

because the two boneheadedowners treated their barlike a keg party.

( all cheering )

Somebody who isirresponsible--

- Call me allthe names you want.- You're gonna get sued!

I thought gettingthese owners to grow upwould be the hard part,

but the bar's problemswere even deeper thanI ever expected.

Overcoming a seriesof serious structural issues

puts J.A. Murphy'sin Fells Point, Maryland,

as number two on my countdown of toughest rescues.

Look at this.

- Oh, my God.- Yeah.

Jon: Nancy, that's a serious structural break.

- Nancy: And it's scabbed.- Man: Yeah.

Jon: Oh, man. Then let's get the -- outta here.

Hey, guys, I gottatalk to everybody.

The building is condemned. A beam down there has rotted.

I have to vacatethis building right now

and nobody can come back till we fix it.

Let's do it.Let's get outtahere quickly.

All of us are --.

Man: Well, right now we're tearing up the subfloor,

and what we've found is over time

this has been leakingand it's caused

a lot of rot in all this plywood.

Keith: I'm not even sure Jon can save us now.

The bar's structural problemswere so severe,

we had to postponethe remodel for 10 days

and spend tens of thousands of dollars on repairs

before J.A. Murphy's could become Murphy's Law.

- Oh, my God.- Keith: Wow.

Joel: Dude.

Jon: This bar almost killed me,

but victory is sweet especially when you have to fight so hard to get it.

Where's the most fun barin Fells Point?

Crowd:Murphy's Law!

( cheering )

One thing Keith and Joellearned during "Bar Rescue"

was that they shouldn't bein the bar business.

After I left,they sold the bar,paid off their debt,

and now the space is occupiedby a Mexican restaurant.