Newsreel: 1945: Victorious Generals, etc

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Six segments of a complete June 11, 1945 newsreel capture the zeitgeist of an United States celebrating victory in Europe but still at war with Japan.

Clips include:

(1) "Victorious Generals" - 2,000,000 Southern Californians wildly cheer General George S. Patton, Jr., and Lt. General Jimmy Doolittle as they pass in triumphant parade.
(2) "Air Blows Hit Japs On All Fronts"
(3) "RFC Chief Outlines Its Aims" - Washington, DC: Federal Loan Administrator, John W. Snyder, proposes RFC absorption of various subsidiaries, and adds that the disposal of war surpluses is being approached very realistically.
(4) "'46 Cars on Way, from Detroit"
(5) "Reds Mark May Day" - "Joseph Stalin reviews gigantic May Day military parade in Red Square, with American and Japanese military observers giving added interest to the proceedings." scenes of parade includes American jeeps, huge new artillery
(6) "The Kentucky Derby"

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